Fast & Furious (2019) Full Movie: Well, it looks like the Fast & Furious franchise is (still) seriously spinning. The existence of the Fast & Furious spin-off : Hobbs & Shaw , that again, no problem. After seeing the staggering trailer for cons, we thought that all the same, cocaine, should not see too much abuse. Today, a new surprise awaits us and not least: Keanu Reeves would be in the film. And maybe not just to make a rotten cameo.

Finally, almost not. The news comes from That Hashtag Show , and according to them, Keanu Reeves would play an antagonistic character linked to Brixton (the villain of the movie played by “Black Superman” Idris Elba ) who could come back in the possible consequences. In principle, you will not have to expect to have more than one pair of scenes with John Wick’s interpreter , maybe even more than a post-generic scene.

But at least, if all this is true, it will be a real major character of what is about to become the franchise in the franchise Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw and could not become the big bad of the eventual suites (not necessary to kill his Jaguar?).

Nothing is confirmed yet obviously, and it will probably wait to discover Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw theaters August 2, 2019 to have the word of the story. Vin Diesel must be really happy with all that.